Clients - our valued partners

Our goal is to be able to find you, our esteemed partner, the best-fit candidate in the shortest time possible. Our dedicated consultants recognise the significance of listening, giving timely advice and delivering the right candidate at the right time.


We understand the importance of building long term relationships with you as our partner. We loved to be briefed thoroughly on every assignment like if we are the hiring managers ourselves. We represent you, your organisation, your culture and this is important as we work towards enhancing your corporate image. It is critical that the business community and prospective candidates are aware that your organisation takes recruitment seriously and professionally.

Professional Ethics

Integrity and confidentiality in our relations with clients and candidates are in the heart of our executive search business. Consultants are responsible for maintaining client and candidate confidentiality and exercising utmost discretion to protect all parties while being honest and forthcoming. We adhere to treating clients, candidates and coworkers with high professional standards. We truly believe that acting in our clients’ and candidates’ best interests is totally in line with the best value of our interest.


We specialize in challenging search assignments, discovering candidates who might have been missed by others, from executives to critical leadership roles. Our experienced consultants possess strong track record in the recruitment industry and the practice sector they specialised in where they have since built a network with global reach together with extensive resources and research support provided to ensure delivery.


Depending on our clients’ needs, we have the flexibility to structure and customize our recruitment solutions to meet your project needs. Swift decisions are made to quickly respond to your needs.


We understand the urgency to fill a vacancy and more importantly to receive regular updates and reports on the search process. Well supported by tools, technology and consultants trained in social media recruitment, we are able to connect and communicate with you when need arise. Our goal is to be able to identify suitable profiles in shortest time possible.

Our Solutions - customizable to suit your needs

Retained Search

Talentreq solutions - retained, contingency, talent mapping and executive coaching
Talentreq’s solutions

Retained search methodology brings a planned, structured approach to the process of identifying and evaluating the most promising candidates and successfully attracting the best candidate to their organization. We search solely on your behalf and the candidates we uncover are presented to you exclusively. Dedicated research team is engaged to conduct a rigorous search to identify successful executives who have the requisite functional and industry experience, as well as the right cultural fit. Candidates know that a company engaging a retained search firm is serious about recruiting and not just window shopping. Most importantly, our focused and timeline-driven search efforts get the position filled promptly.

Contingency Placement

Being experienced recruiters in the industry that we have worked in, we are able to focus on our strong network of scientific, technical and engineering professionals both locally and globally, together with our extensive database to quickly source suitable profiles for your positions. Coupled with job boards and social media advertising, we source, screen and shortlist to ensure that our esteemed clients spend as little time as possible interviewing unsuitable candidates.

Talent Industry Mapping 

Talent Mapping enables clients to proactively recognize and track the progress of key talent who could be suitable for their positions in the future. The process allows a candidate pipeline to be created so positions can be filled with high performers quickly and becomes a key tool in succession planning. This is usually implemented before a vacancy even becomes available. With extensive resources support, we are able to chart the positions, skills and experience of key individuals across particular company, division or industry sector. The ultimate goal is to create a list of all possible candidates who are relevant to be considered for future positions within your organization.

Talent Coaching & Development

Every individual brings different values, experiences and expectations to the working environment. Through designing, developing and delivering customized training programs, we have partners with some well-established training providers to offer various solutions that are catered to help each employee, regardless of generation and level, maintain peak performance and work collaboratively with others.